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Anesthesia is the issue that creates the greatest fear in people about their pets. We take it seriously, and have worked very hard to create anesthetic and pain-control protocols that offer the greatest safety and comfort for your pet.

Surgical patients are given complete physical examinations prior to anesthesia. The unique needs for surgery and anesthesia are evaluated for each patient. In -house blood screening of major organ function can be performed just prior to surgery and targeted fluid therapy can be started based on the patients need. Each patient will receive appropriate preventative and post-op pain medication for optimal comfort during and after the procedure. All patients have monitors placed for respirations, oxygenation, and heart rate and rhythm, with trained surgical nursing caregivers under the doctor’s direct supervision.

Our computer automated anesthetic delivery machine helps to monitor respiration rate and guarantee appropriate tidal volumes of oxygen and gas anesthesia delivered. A heated surgical table helps to maintain patient warmth and contribute to quick recoveries. Every effort is made to ensure that your pet receives an exquisitely safe and pain-free anesthetic experience.